Pre-Sales Support

1. Identifies potential of clientfs product/service through study of clientfs papers, research reports, market information, competitive analysis, interviews and others.
2. Defines business model of clientfs product/service including positioning of business, conditions of competitive advantages, money flow, several possible scenarios.
3. Defines (long term and short term) Marketing strategy including targeted market, product/service Japanization, technical requirements, branding, pricing, timing, human resource requirement, financial requirement, risk analysis

Sales and Marketing Support

1. Define customer's needs and its corporate long term goals.
2. Develop marketing strategy for clients that includes target markets, product/service Japanization, competitive intelligence, branding, pricing, timing, human resource requirement, financial requirement, risk analysis.
3. Defines contents of client's Sales Support Materials (presentation material, collaterals, Japanese Web site etc.).
4. Defines Branding and Public Relation strategy and implements the strategy .
5. Cultivate strategic partnerships with clients and strengthen the relationships over time.
6. Fosters strategic partnerships with Content owners, Service Providers, System Integrators, Technical Support Providers, Programmers and strengthen the relationship over time.
7. Defines worldwide Sales Channel Partner Program, promotes such programs and generate worldwide revenue Sales.
8. Prepare a list for clientfs service/product followed by identifying right contact points. Makes calls to key people of such prospects.
9. Introduces right firms and companies and others up to clientfs requirements. Establishes relationships with such companies for introduction of clientfs business in Japan.
10. Collects data, consolidate data and analyze date and provide business consultation based on data
11. Develops joint value proposition, sales channel strategy and introduces such candidates to client. Promotes such channel sales system to be implemented and work.
12. Develop sales channel pricing model, competitive incentive plan and pay out schedule.
13. Above all, Ken Consulting acts as a liaison between two parties to bridge the gap in negotiations to ensure a trusting, relationships without language and cultural barriers.

Post-Sales Support, Regional Office Launch

Post-Sales Support;
1.Defines project including resource requirement, work flow and critical path, investment plan and cash management, human resource allocation, schedules etc. to make clientfs business run. Manages the project to achieve the objective including recruitment
2.Maitain open and on-going communication with Japanese customers and its partners Identify issues areas and provides the appropriate resources for resolutions in a timely manner.

Regional Office Launch;
1.During the "Pre-Sales" or "Post-Sales" processes, establishment of regional office may be a necessity. In such case, we provide total support and consultation ensuring the launch satisfies client's business needs and eliminating geographic barrier.
2. Alternatively, the regional office may reside in the WWW space, with the server situated outside of the region. Either way, we provide client the support and consultation to enable only the finest solution.