Translation Service


Providing unparallel world class, professional, high-quality translations and localization services including business , IT and telecommunication that are timely, affordable and accurate in helping corporations achieve a competitive advantage

Translation is performed with the understanding of the customers needs, the language and the culture

Service delivery is available on the same day or next day upon receipt of order



l         Provides top quality translation with emphasis in quality, accuracy and coherent translation

l         Provided by subject experts with 20+ years proven track record in business developments and project managements for Japanese and North American companies incorporate

Ø         If industry specific vocabularies are not utilized, the final product cannot be labeled as high-quality translation.

l         Enable Customers to promote business globally on a timely manner

Ø         Same day or next day delivery upon receipt of order.

l         Translations ticks off what customer really wants to express based on customerfs situation.  (Honda san, I am not sure I fully understood the message you are trying to convey)

Ø         We listen attentively to customers in order to understand their situation to ensure the translation we provide is of accuracy and of the highest quality.

Ø         Error, such as Annotation may be put to the delivery.

Ø         All work is checked by native English speakers prior to the delivery of the end product


Types of documents to translate

Provides English-to-Japanese and Japanese-to-English translation of following types of documents;

l         Overall writings and mails in business

Ø         For concise communication with foreign businesses. Delivery at the same day or the next day upon receipt of order

l         Technical document, product catalogues of IT and telecommunication

Ø         Takes right wording, unified word selection, pithy expression, sequence of tenses, numeral etc.

l         Manuscript for speech, companyfs prospectus etc.

Ø         Translates to natural expressions with which reader/audience smoothly takes message into his/her brain.

l         Press release

Ø         The expression formula will meet to destination countryfs own.

l         Product/service pamphlet, brochure, leaflet

Ø         Provides translation with care to the least detail since such materials used for foreign businesses define company image.

l         Presentation, Proposal

Ø         Provides translation expressing appealing points through hearing to original writer.

l         Agreement

Ø         Exchanging Agreement drafts is essential to conclude a treaty. We, as a project, will keep close communication with customer and try to create Agreement where customerfs intentions are taken in as much as possible.

l         v site, home page

Ø         Creates Japanese/English version of Web site in English/Japanese.

l         Others



Translation cost is based on number of characters (from Japanese to English) or numbers of words (from English to Japanese).  This includes:


English to Japanese       US$0.10/ English word

Japanese to English       US$0.08/ Japanese character


·       Delivery date depends on volume.  Rate estimation provided usually on the same day or the next day upon receipt of order

·       Same day or Next Day delivery are available, with slightly higher rate

·       Translation of a specific subject or topic requiring subject expertise and knowledge are higher in rate

·       Repeat materials will be charged a lower rate

·       Graphic adjustment or page re-design will be higher in rate.

·       Original text can be sent through mail. The complete work will be delivered by mail.

·       Space and graphic characters are not included as part of the translation count.


** Translation Free trial is available, but with size limitation **


For Inquiry

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Express service can be sent to kenconsul@di, or call +81-70-5460-5495.